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  1. Hello Attila, Thank you for addressing this query and making the suggestion to use record mode. Regards, AB
  2. Hello JColvin, Thank you for taking time to address my queries. I have both Analog Discovery Legacy and Analog Discovery 2. And they have the same buffer configuration options when i plug into the PC. Please advise me on how to configure the buffer allocations. I have noticed that the buffer allocations are stored as files (as shown in the attached screenshot) in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveForms3\Config but i believe some compilation needs to be done . Regards, AB
  3. How do i configure the buffer size of the individual instruments beyond the ones that are default from the device manager (as shown below) ? Suppose i want to configure 2x 16K for the scope, 0 k for the wavegen & logic and 16x1k for the Pattern gen , how do i do that ? Basically, i want to push more buffer size memory for the scope and still use the pattern generator. Regards, AB