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  1. To follow up on this issue, I have successfully implemented the Microblaze design! I found this link helpful to add relevant IP to the block diagram... Cheers Trog
  2. As an update to this issue... I have discovered that the Microblaze Quick start guide is lacking in some critical information with regards to creating a complete Microblaze example. I realized that when I tried to open the block diagram and it was empty that I keyed into the problem...There is no design to implement!!! The next steps should be to add IP to a block diagram and then validate this diagram before attempting to synthesize...implement...ect I have not successfully implemented a complete Microblaze example yet but just wanted to let others know...
  3. Hello New to this forum and Microblaze. I am trying to implement the bare-metal microblaze example as outlined in the "Microblaze quickstart guide". I am using the Arty S7-25 development board with Vivado 2021.1. I downloaded the support files from Digilent and am able to create the microcontroller project for this board. When I try to run Implementation phase, I get the following error... [DRC INBB-3] Black Box Instances: Cell 'system_i' of type 'system' has undefined contents and is considered a black box. The contents of this cell must be defined for opt_design to complete su