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  1. Hello Sam, OK the FreeRtos works on the Arty MicroBlaze... You can consider this post closed :-) So now I can build a processor from scratch and tailor it to my requirement, it just take a couple of hundred hours of coding, so it is not as easy and fast as uploading a blink code into a 3$ Arduino, but it does what's advertised. Thanks
  2. BTW, Now that I have a functionnal MicroBlaze, I will give a try to this implementation of FreeRtos :
  3. Well Sam, we are making progress !!! The new implementation for Microblaze seem to be working fine. So following the step on this wiki I builded a functionnal bin file. Looking T the IP design (see attached) , all the IO are connected. I just had time to test echo server with ethernet port and it is OK. Might proceed to additionnal test later. Now, what about implementing FreeRTOS on this baby ? Thanks for your support
  4. OMG.... Is this Xilinx Coprorate Stuff ? I downloaded the Zip file and it is pretty much like the echo server nomenclature , just an Ethernet implementation (No Serial , No ADC...). It is pre 2015.2 so it crashes when updating... a waste of time... Thanks for the follow-up Sam, but until Mister Burnham delivers what he sowed on the video , on the wiki pages with the same details and quality (not the punk patchwork that you found) I'll be a little skeptical.... By the way, I suggest that you remove this, from t, === An updated board file will
  5. Hello, Do you have any update on this issue ? My expectation were simple: A) Get a step by step walk-through of creating afully functionnal Microblaze system with cores that communicate with all of the peripherals on the Arty using the Vivado IP. B ) Fully functionnal RTOS image including the drivers so I can really experiment with the power and flexibility of the Artix 7. Is is what I was supposed to have , or I get lost in translation looking at Jim Burnham 's video ?
  6. Hello Bianca, Hope that you will issue this release soon, because as you know , this is basically what this product is designed for : A MicroBlaze development platform. Please keep us updated , Best Regards Patrick
  7. Hello, What is the status with the the FreeRTOS running on a FULL implementation of a Microblaze on ARTY ? I bought this board for this specific purpose following your presentation video : Regards
  8. Hello, I stumbled on the same error as well. I am using Vivado 2015.4 on Windows 10 There is a step missing between 4.8 & 5.0, so I will call it step 4.9: -Double click on Concat (microblaze_0_xlconcat) and make it a single port device - Connect AXI Uartlite Interrupt line to Concat IN Then at step 6 Validate Design should end up with success And then , you are 40 minutes away to get an Hello... :-) I have not tested the echo server yet, I'll get an update.
  9. Hello I just received my ARTY and try arty_bsd with vivado 2015.4 Vivado start with an upgrade from 2015.2 to 2015.4 and ends up with this: Vivado Commandsupgrade_ip [get_ips {system_microblaze_0....[IP_Flow 19-3298] Detected external port differences while upgrading IP 'system_axi_gpio_led_0'. These changes may impact your design.[BD 41-1165] The interface pin 'GPIO2' with bus definition '' is not found on the upgraded version of the cell '/axi_gpio_led'. Its connection to the interface net 'axi_gpio_led_GPIO2' has been removed.blabla.....There are 34 critical war