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  1. Thank you for such a detailed test and report. I was wondering if you would be able to identify the actual files that are causing the issue. We have some security issues with doing a chmod 777 on tmp. We would prefer to set permissions on the files or create a group ownership on them. Thanks again, Bryan
  2. I am able to find an Analog Discovery 2 using djtgcfg enum and it works fine in WaveForms but only for a single user. Even after the WaveForms application is closed, no other users will be able to connect to the device. After a reboot a different user will be able to connect however the device will then be locked to that user until another reboot. It seems like the first user to connect to the device after a reboot will lock it out to all other users. We have tried all "On Close" device settings in the WaveForms application. We are using Waveforms Version 3.16.3 64-bit Qt5.5.1 Ubuntu 20.04.2