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  1. @jungle Can you please share how you got this working I'm stuck at the interconnection of I2S receiver with Zynq PS. I used a couple of IPs the FiFo width converter etc. but the problem is with number of bytes. I2S sends 32 bytes but the DMA controller can handle 1. Please guide me here I'm a bit stuck. Regards, @artvvbAny help is appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone! I need help using the following pmodi2s2 module: - I want to use it to sample audio data from microphone only. So, I've added the i2s receiver IP into my block diagram (attached) and run block automation. Following is the documentation of the IP core I used: - The following is a reference manual for the above mentioned PMOD module: -
  3. I have UART1 enabled on MIO 48() 49(). I can't figure out where these pins are on the board. Please help me out in finding the relevant part from the documentation. Attached is the screenshot from schematic found at: - Any help is highly appreciated. Its my first post.