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  1. Hi, I am figuring out how implement artificial intelligence into the zybo board. The artificial intelligence is about studying different types of ill plant and determine if the plant is sick or healthy. As the starter of FPGA and no idea of AI, I do not know how to start research. Here are what I have found out so far: I searched the Zybo AI, but there is no relevent information except for "Under Construction" Later, I found that Zybo Z720 can support reVISION SDSoC Platform, which "make it possible to do FPGA accelerated video processing using openCV functio
  2. @JColvin Is it possible that I am using the normal hdmi camera (like logitech camera or apeman 1080p hd camera) and the windows OS to allow my zybo zy20 board to take photo?
  3. Hi, I am new to FPGA here. I would like to know if it is possible to connect the zybo z720 with normal camera, not pcam 5c. I also would like to know how the vivado block diagram and vitis code looks like. Thanks
  4. Here is the code for Vitis. For Vivado just add pmod esp32 into your block design. #include "xparameters.h" #include "xil_printf.h" #include "sleep.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "xtime_l.h" #include "stdlib.h" #include "string.h" #include "xgpiops.h" extern "C"{ #include "PmodESP32.h" } /******************************************************************************/ /* */ /* Defines */ /* */ /*************************
  5. Hi, I am using Zybo Z720 and Pmod ESP32 to explore on IoT control. I used several AT commands like "AT+CWMODE", "AT+CWJAP", "AT+CIPSTART", "AT+CIPSEND" and "GET <links>" to receive the last entry data from the Thingspeak. Here is the response I received from the Vitis Serial Terminal: Now, I want to make use of this data from +IPD response and control the GPIO and relay (relay connected to the GPIO pin). I know Arduino has sth like Serial.find() function and help me with extracting serial terminal's IPD response. I just wonder Xilinx Vitis has the same thing a