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  1. Thanks for your response Mr. Nathan, Actually we were using the J8 block for testing. Turns out that the solution was using the J6 port instead. I still don't understand how this now works, shouldn't it work on both ports? This is the code we're using DSPI0 spi; ... spi.begin(); spi.setSpeed(1000000); spi.setMode(DSPI_MODE0); spi.setPinSelect(10); ... send=11110000; spi.setSelect(LOW); answer = spi.transfer(send); spi.setSelect(HIGH); Serial.write(answer);//0 send = B11110001; spi.setSelect(LOW); answer = spi.transfer(send); spi.setSelect(HIGH); Serial.write(answer);//20Since the e
  2. Hi, I've been trying to communicate an Uno32 board with a CC1101 transceptor based board. I've tried the 3 SPI libraries that come with mpide: DSPI, SoftSPI and SPI. However there's always a problem, the SS pin will always stay "low". Here are the outputs of each pin: SCK: MOSI: MISO: SS: The Uno32 can only be master, so the jp4 jumper has always been in th
  3. Well I just wanted to say hi. I'm new to this platform but I love the potential of the uno32, I hope everything goes well.