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  1. I need to use the FTDI FT4232 device to program the Xilinx ZynqMP device. How can I get the license to do this? Please reply. Regards, Gajendiran A
  2. Hi, We have developed Xilinx(Zynq Ultrascale+) based custom board. In this used FT4232H FTDI chip for USB to JTAG (Port A), Port – B not used, UART (Port C), UART (port D) Conversion. EEPROM is configured using FT prog and tested UART loopback on Port C and Port B it's working. But the port A(JTAG) is not detected. For USB to JTAG required any dedicated driver needs to install. How can I enable a USB-JTAG FTDI interface? is there a required license for USB-JTAG port enable? Please let me know how to configure USB - JTAG in the FT4232H chip. Regards, Gajendian A