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  1. I've resolved my issue by following those steps in this link :
  2. Hello, I have a problem to compil my code to the Chipkit WF32 Board. I've tried to install Arduino IDE 1.6.9 with Digilent Core 1.1 and Arduino 1.8.14 with Chipkit Community 2.1.0. Nothing of that works. The weird thing is that, I just see COM1 but when I unplug the board I still see the COM1. So I think it's a driver board issue. I've install that, but nothing happen : In the attach file you can see that the board is not reconize in windows.
  3. I control 29 Leds. But as I said with the firmware compiled from "LINX Firmware Wizard" in LabVIEW, there is no issue. When I compile the firmware (without custom command) with the arduino IDE, I have the error code when I want to control the leds.
  4. With the command below it works well (thanks to sterretje in arduino forum). unsigned int Step_To_Move_2 = atoi((char*)input); But now I've notice something weird. In my project I use WS2812 Leds. Everithing works well when I use the firmware from "LINX Firmware Wizard" in LabVIEW (compilation from labview and not the arduino IDE) I need to add a custom command in this firmware. So I opened the firmware in the arduino IDE. First things I noted, I didn't have the ws2812.h library. I found this library here "LabVIEW 2020\vi.lib\MakerHub\LINX\Firmware\Source\core\libs\
  5. Hello, When I try to compil a code on my Chipkit WF 32 I got a failed compiling but not on my arduino mega... On the IDE I change the board when I compile for the arduino or digilent board. I tryed the arduino IDE and UECIDE and I get the same result, failed on the Chipkit. I've reduce the code to show you exactly where the error come from, that's come from the convertion of the char array to unsigned integer. I don't know what's happening. If some one have an idea :) Thanks CODE : void setup() { } void loop() { } int Motor_2(unsigned char numIn