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  1. yes .. target tools are giving way to fresh thinking modular solutions, let alone cross platform tools , let alone Exchange tools ( FAST protocol for eg ) Full points to Xilinx for getting this far .. even tho leaving many shipwrecks behind, that's a practical outcome of development. Personally lost half million, fiddling on WIN 25 years (without time counted, just Servers , 3rd party tools that promise the earth & cards..PHI for eg Now gentoo kernel re-builds tops list of things to do. U can keep (not) Kubernetes on WIN, under the hood as a nightmare. Keep systemD .
  2. Fun post, on opposite poles of advice .. Zygot (with his good work) a purist , XC a pragmatist .. Zygot forgets his lament on broken build tools , and how much time is spent in workarounds A miserable fact of this industry, esp in PGA , unless U buy a Data I/O ( i think obsolete) Why invite a nightmare to a newby when alternatives abound AS to hiring a programmer, XC gave better advice when costs were only mildly affected. Zynq / ARM combo. Better to buy a PCIe Dev Board for $1200 than years wrestling with protocols used in trading on unsupported EVM (& look at Exchang
  3. Since before time man misrepresents product for profit. OK i like Xilinx KU115 Ultra on 8K5 board with 16GB 2bank RAM & 4 optical 40GB ports & 2 InfiniBand SFP+ ( hurrah get away from that <moderated> PCIe bottleneck) yet Xilinx still cant design a board like this Alpha Data & priced at $3800, its also IBM P8 / 9 CAPI (finally a good Arch) Now that Xilinx has a combined staff of 13,000 engineers , and i kno how they "hide behind" workloads ..may volunteer to manage a new AMD Epic that does away with software supervision outside the kernel . ANd here Xilinx were p