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  1. hi @AndrewHolzer It would be great to get the instructions to recreate the magic for 2017.4 and because the 2020.1 demo is under construction it would be great to get those instructions as well. Thank you so much.
  2. looks like you need to run it and specify the frame buffer to use. I haven't figured out how to get it to do this on startup yet, but I got a gui on screen now. FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb xinit /usr/local/bin/matchbox-desktop
  3. Can someone show me how to enable a GUI for the petalinux project available here: I changed it to have an external rootfs on the SD card and activated the matchbox desktop session in the rootfs configuration, but when it boots I get the following error: # matchbox-desktop ** (matchbox-desktop:1242): WARNING **: Cannot open display: Not sure how to get the HDMI display working...
  4. I am looking at the petalnux demo here and These are a good resource. I am anxiously awaiting the update to 2020.1. However, I would can you include or provide here a list of the steps need to recreate the functionality in the distributed BSP. You don't need to provide in depth instructions as we can reference the provided petalinux project. For instance, I don't even know where to start looking for how to configure the HDMI video driver on a new project