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  1. I just asked my supervisor, and he said that the flash he gave me had some problems 😬 . Anyway, thank you a lot for your response.
  2. Thank you for your answer @JColvin. Yes I am using an Arty A7 35T. I do check all the commands I send or the response I get using a logic analyzer, and they all seem correct which validates the software end. I don't do any write operations to protected areas, furthermore my status register is all zeros which means all memory areas are unprotected. And as I said, what's really weird, is the flash works fine but once I write that register, it starts sending ones. I am really stuck at this point because I don't have any ideas about further steps that should be done to debug the prob
  3. Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with pmodSF3 that uses a flash memory with FBGA code RW146 ( datasheet). The problem is once I try to modify the enhanced volatile configuration registers, the flash starts sending ones. I tried to follow the datasheet by sending a write enable, then 0x61 command and then the value to write in the register. I did check the commands using a scope, and they are sent correctly. What's weird is the flash works fine but once I try to modify that register the flash starts sending ones and nothing works until I power off and on the board. As you