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  1. Hello everybody, is the library of the PMOD OLED2 actually compatible with the Arduino UNO R3? Thank you for the information. best regard SithRuoss
  2. The Compileroption #pragma config SOLID = OFF // Enable Watchdog Timer was missing. Now Playing without problems for two hours.
  3. Found a mistake. The Define statement would #define prtDataCmd IOPORT_F and not #define prtDataCmd IOPORT_E
  4. Good day community, I'm busy working on a project with a Cerebot MX7 Pro. It's me now noticed that the board so every 5 to 10 minutes restarts. This is not intended by me. I would be happy to send you my project to be ruled by an error on the board. I am using MPLAB X 3.15 with the XC32 1.40 on the PowerDebug USB connection. I hope for an insightful answer or input.
  5. Hello Community, tried the library PMODOLED adapt, so that I can use from my Cerebot Pro MX7 at port JE. Unfortunately, however, comes only noise from the display. Has anyone any idea what I have done wrong? thank all inputs main.c PmodOLED.c PmodOLED.h