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  1. Would be happy to ship to you so you could check it out yourself.
  2. Have checked using other cables. Tried moving cable within the socket, etc. Still having issues. Also tried other USB ports on separate computers. I really believe it's a board problem within the unit. Unit is also new and internal contacts look good. Neil
  3. Purchased from Digikey but thought it might be best to work with you directly. They've never been real good about returns. I can provide the invoice at your request. Thanks, Neil
  4. Hello, Working with a "NUCLEO-F103RB" board to learn about the stm32 chip. Been using Microchip for years and wanted to learn something new. I've mostly been generating encoder and current signals out W1 and W2 for inverter-code simulation. I believe the USB chip / USB PCB section is defective, got gradually worse and worse. Discovery 2 would lose communication but continue to generate signals. Over the last few days, I periodically get the Discovery 2 to connect for about 10sec. If, during that time, I can start the signals, the DIscovery 2 will continue to function; but, I c
  5. Further attempts simply yield: "No device detected" inside Waveforms.
  6. Update: Let it sit for a while and then it started to connect but got this message: "Device opening failed. JtscProgramDvc failed SERC: 0x3EC Device programming failed." After another wait, plugged it in again and got: "Device opening failed. The device is being used by another application: SERC: 0x3E9. DjtgEnable failed. Device programming failed." I plugged it in again and it connected for a brief moment. Then I got this message: "Communication with the device failed. Please check the USB cable and power supply connections. For further troubleshooting consult the hel
  7. Need help with Analog Discovery 2 no longer connecting. Just sort of died. Will not connect to either of my laptops. Is about 2 months old and I've haven't used it very much.