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  1. Thanks for reply. Getting Vivado installed on Windows is one of the changeling task. I was referring to ZynQ Book Tutorials to get started but they were using Vivado 2014. 2014 is too old so decided to install 2016. But installer was stuck with Visual C++ Redistributable. I tried to repair and many other things but no luck so using 2018. I am little bit old school guy. Used ISE 9, 10 kind of tools then moved to Altera's Advanced FPGA and jumping back to Vivado after long time. Zedboard has got updated but looks like Master XDC is behind. E.g. LED LD9 for PS on D5 (MIO7) is listed in docu
  2. Thanks JColvin for clarifying and updating page with revised schematic. I bought board from Element14 Elemen14 Zynq Zedboard Page They have listed Chipscope Pro voucher so I was confused. Regards, Kiran
  3. Hello Recently I have purchased Zedboard Revision F. I am not able to find schematic or XDC files for this revision on How to get supporting material for Rev F board? Chipscope Pro Voucher is missing as well. Thanks. Regards, Kiran