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  1. Hi @JColvin, thanks for your reply! I follow up the demo code, and success to bring up the data signal, and it seems fine! (change camera mode to MODE_1080P_1920_1080_30fps, and the data signal got change too) But the clock-lane still not work, have you meet similiar issue before? Is there any step I missed? Note that clock-lane have a pulse at beginning, but no more signal after that...
  2. Hi Digilent, I'm trying to build a pcam5c driver to nxp board, and now i'd success to get the chip id. And I keep following the power up/reset steps in datasheet , but i still can not bring up the mipi data-lane my question is that "How To Setting The Register in step 9 & 10", could you give some suggestion, or any examples!? Execute a power-cycle by applying a low pulse of 100ms on CAM_PWUP, then driving it high. Wait for 50ms. Read sensor ID from registers 0x300A and 0x300B and check against 0x56 and 0x40, respectively. Choose system input