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  1. Hope this is the right forum new here: I am running Waveform Logger with two inputs. Depending on which channel I select, the Y scale is only on the right and corresponds to the selected channel. The other channel curve is also shown but with incorrect magnitude as the scale is set by the selected channel. Even if I select both channels, the scale stays with the last selected channel and the other channel curve magnitude is wrong. How can I get two scales, left and right, each settable depending on the input signal magnitude of each inputs? Jan Didden, Linear Audio
  2. That's exactly what I needed Attilla - thank you! Jan
  3. Hi, new guy here, How can I add new curves to a display without erasing the previous one? Example: I run the datalogger to record inrush current. I get a nice graph. Now I want to run another one, different circuit, but leave the existing curve in place so I can compare the two situations. How do I do that? thanks, Jan