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  1. Hi JColvin, Here's what to learn: Even if the vivado tool's synthesis results are within the normal range (speed, power), an unexpected shutdown may occur when implemented on the PYNQ-Z1 and may be due to current detection in the PYNQ power supply circuit rather than the FPGA. (I think current detection is intended to protect the PYNQ board from overcurrent, but there is no documentation that mentions in what range it works.) Thank you!
  2. Hello! I purchased the PYNQ-Z1 and I am trying to speed up the synthesis circuit, but when I increase the operating frequency, the power is shut-downed and rebooting occurs. So I want to know about the design of current limits of PYNQ-Z1. The power supply IC (TPS65400) which is equipped at PYNQ-Z1, is changeable the maximum current value by setting the register by I2C. Could you tell me the setting value of (D9h) IOUT_MAX (TPS65400 register) at the shipment of PYNQ-Z1. Thank you!