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  1. Many thanks for replying, Can you please advise me what should I do, if I want to communicate with FPGA via windows GUI APP? Can you please provide some working Examples of C/C++ code utilizing JTAG to do read/write on FPGA via address of the registers ? Thanks again.
  2. Please, point me to something, is my question incomprehensible ? I just don't understand why nobody is replying ! Additional Info : When I run the Get Device Info Demo, I see that there is only one device capability, which is JTAG only, I attached a pic of the result, I just want to know why is it so ?? I have the baudrate matched in the DACI API to the FTDI USB-UART Port to 115200. And I'm able to communicate with the board using a serial terminal, if I program my board with simple VHDL UART module in loopback mode, but i can't seem to make any progress using the API DACI.
  3. After some research and homework I came to know that digilent also provide different DCAP or APT dlls, for Software development in windows, along with very small demo projects in VC++ for every APT and the reference manuals, they all comprise to make "Digilent Adept SDK". So I quickly opened the DACI(UART) demo in Visual Studio 2015, in order to communicate with my board over UART, I was able to implement Device Table and get the device name string, I also managed to open the device using DmgrOpen() Funtion and got a interface handle, but i can't seem to get the DaciEnable() to work, and using the DmgrGetLastError tells me that the device(Nexys4-DDR) is not supported for DACI, which is very improbable. Then in hopes of troubleshooting the problem, I check for DmgrGetDtpCount() and I get the value '1', which I think means that there's one way to communicate with the device(which is not very informative), then I try DaciGetPortCount() which returns the value '0' to the pointer variable, which I think implies that there are NO DACI ports, :(. But I can see that while debugging the code, during the DmgrOpen() Function call, VS loads two FTDI dlls, I'm stuck here for a while now. And I hope that this question interests the experts at Digilent Forums, for I think they can see through this problem easily. And I attached the cpp file, which I'm working on. Thanks a lot !! DaciDemo_modified.cpp