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  1. I have tested it with and without the BNC extender board. When the when the WaveForms software is started an error appears on the screen saying no device found. The Green LED at the center of the module never flashes. I've tried multiple USB cables and PC's. MikeC
  2. I purchased the Analog Discovery Systems Kit on Amazon on November 25, 2020. This was used at a customer site to monitor ripple on a critical power supply. On or around April 7 the scope failed, it was not recognized when the WaveForms program was started. The module was tested on 2 different PC running the latest version of WaveForms, 2 different USB cables were tried and multiple USB ports were tried. On April 15 a new Analog Discovery 2 module was installed and it was recognized immediately. I'd like to get it repaired or replaced. Thanks, Mike Cull SEMTech Solu