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  1. So the ref guide says XC9500XL is not supported. Is this because there is a technical issue or it has just not been tested? Also why is the cost so high on this module?
  2. a2retro

    General Vivado question

    Until now I have always used the free ISE Webpack. One of the reasons i picked up the Arty was to finally try some of the advanced tools available in the design suite. While i understand the design suite is node and chip locked I was hoping I could dump my installs of ISE 13 and 14 and just use Vivado from now on, knowing the extra toolset would only work on the Artix 7 but all the other base tools should work ok?. Is this advisable or should i limit my use of Vivado to Artix7 only and keep using ISE 14 for all my other projects? Glenn
  3. Hi I dropped by discuss the new Arty board I just received. I also have a few other Xilinx FPGA boards but consider myself to be beginning HDL user. My main focus is retro computing hobby projects but I m also interested in Embedded computing and IoT in general. I also like to program on the Unity and iOS platforms for game development.