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  1. i2pi

    Hi! a.k.a Halp, I'm lost :)

    Thanks for the detailed response. I was using the instructions in the README of the GitHub as my instructions. I had downloaded the latest ZIP files, but was trying to follow along the instructions for 2018.2 (per GitHub). I know it mentions it in a few spots, but I didn't realize how incompatible the releases were from each other. It was confusing to see that the latest release of the ZIP was for 2020, whereas the Getting Started With Vivado link from the Nexys Video page says that 2018.2 should be used. Given the prior response to my question, I installed Vivado 2018.2 and followed
  2. i2pi

    Hi! a.k.a Halp, I'm lost :)

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if I fully understand. The example project references Vivado 2018.2. Should I uninstall 2020.2 and install 2018.2 of Vivado and SDK?
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a Nexys Video board as my first introduction to the world of FPGAs. I've done embedded development before on ARM/PIC/HC11/etc. and even PAL/CPLDs back in the day, but Verilog is new to me. As is the Xlinix software ecosystem. I'm trying to get the Nexys Video HDMI demo running on my board. I've been able to successfully generate the bitstream and program a basic example on the board, but I'm getting lost where the documentation talks about using Xilinx SDK. I believe I need to use the SDK to load the programs that runs atop the microblaze implementation.