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  1. I think refrigerator compressor motors are single-phase motors. It’s cheap, and it can run right off the mains single-phase supply. But single-phase motors don’t start very well - depending on what the position the motor is in, it might start rotating in the wrong direction for the pump to work; or it might just sit there, oscillating, not generating enough torque to even make the first rotation. So most single-phase motors actually start with two-phases, the second phase helping give the rotor the torque vector it needs to start spinning in the right direction. Once the motor is spi
  2. This is a PWM signal generating circuit based on LM393. When I was running this LM393 circuit, I found that this circuit only consumes about 10 milliwatts of power at a voltage of 5V. Not only that, this circuit can work normally at 3.3V, 12V and 18V. But later I found that this circuit cannot be used in switching power supplies. It is missing something: dead time. So I would like to ask you how to make some changes to this circuit?