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  1. I have tired to use my electrical conductivity (EC) sensor in Arduino. Now, I want to transfer the code for EC sensor in Arduino to the Zybo Z720. I have learnt that I may need to use the xadc port to do my connect. I just don't know what resources can guide me through since I don't know how to start up. Also, how many pins may I need to use as well. The analog EC sensor I used is about 3.3V or 5V. However, based on what I have learnt, it only can connect to 1V sensor. What should I do with this. i assume this one needs the xadc wizard. Here is my block design. After exporting to
  2. @JColvinRegarding to two solutions, I would like to clarify somethings. First, for the first solution, if I only leave the AXI IIC inside the block design, how should I connect to port JC ( I tried in my way, u can see in the pic below). Also, where can I find the resource on how to write the C or Cpp code for the i2c communication between the AXI IIC , HYGRO and AQS? For second solution, I don't fully understand your explanation. If not wrong, you mean that I don't use the AXI IIC and use two Pmod IP Core instead. I am not sure that I connect one of the Pmod into connector JC, or I do not co
  3. Previously, in this forum, I knew that I can use daisy chain method to allow my PMOD HYGRO and PMOD AQS to be connected into the same port. I started with my new vivado block design. Since I don't have much knowledge about IIC parallel communication, when I transfer my block design file to Vitis IDE, it doesn't show the data from PMOD HYGRO. I want to know if any part of my block design and C code in the Vitis wrong. Also, can anyone tell me how the I2C parallel communication transfer works? Thanks