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  1. Hello, I have no other questions on this topic. Thanks for your help. Regards, Serdar Unal
  2. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I showed the Zybo Z7 to someone knowledgeable about boards. He measured different places and could not find the reason. He said that probably I damaged the FPGA itself which is not a good sign. Beeping was only in one orientation. Yes, probably I gave voltage to gate of the transistor which is responsible for PGOOD led, this is why it turned on. I though it was relevant in the beginning, but I later realized that it is not relavant to our problem. Thanks for your help. -- By the way, I also used one of the normal I/O ports of PMOD, in addition to power&
  3. I noticed something seemingly relevant. Measuring D17 with DMM, in diodes and continuity mode, results in beep. It displays approximately 240 mV in the screen. Does that mean that I should replace the diode? When I touch to the diode with DMM as described above, pgood led turns on interestingly.
  4. By the way, when I measure the voltage across pgood led (LED13) I get different values. Sometimes 1.3, sometimes 1.7, 1.8, 2, 2.20 etc. But these are high values, I should be able to see led is glowing, do not I? While I play with multimeter I can see very tiny glow, probably current goes through multimeter. So, I conclude that Led is not completely broken. However, DONE led is much more stable, I get always 282 mV.
  5. Hello, I have Zybo Z7-20, it has heat sink. I connected it to power supply pin of the pmod port. But I could not remember exactly whether it was JB or JC. I measured all 3.3V pins of all PMOD banks (JA, JB, JC, JD, JE, JF), they all give approximately 3.3V when the board is powered. Yes, probably 5V side was enabled, I can measure 5V when I connect USB end of UART-USB cable to computer and leave other end open. There seems no problem in the computer side. Yes I can see both USB Serial Convert A and USB Serial Convert B with Digilent Adept USB Device descriptions on Windows Thank
  6. Hello, I was working on Digilent Zybo Z7. While trying UART-to-USB cable on PMOD pins, I noticed that the board was hot and also smelly. Probably it was due to cheap cable or the fact that I connected 5V pin of cable to 3.3V PMOD pin. There was no immediate reaction after connecting the cable but I left the board on its own some time. After I noticed I closed the board from switch but the power led was on. I took the UART-to-USB cable out. There is no sign of burn in the components. Now, the power led does not get on. USB cable, which I was also for programming FPGA, is workin since I tri