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  1. Hello everybody, I am working on Image processing pipeline using zybo and Pcam. I have reference hardware design and petalinux project from v2017.4 by Digilent Hardware Design : Petalinux project : I have tested this project in v2017.4 and it works perfectly well. I am trying recreate it using only Xilinx IP cores and xilinx linux kernel. I notice that the petalinux project uses Digilent's kernel for drivers and not the xilinx kernel. Also another difference in the design
  2. I have the same issue, can you please tell me what was the clock issue you faced? Thank you
  3. Hello Again, There has been an update from yesterday , Actually the problem was that there were two vcap nodes created video_cap and vcap_mipi. I changed the name of the node in the system-user.dtsi from video_cap to vcap_mipi. After this the media device is probed and I am successfull in getting media graph as well. However after I set the media bus formats and resoltuion using media-ctl commands, when I try to capture images using the command as shown below I get an error and petalinux freezes. media-ctl -d /dev/media0 -V '"ov5640 2-003c":0 [fmt:UYVY/'"640x"480'@1/30' fie
  4. Hello all, I am trying to capture images usong Zybbo PCam , I am using vivado design and petalinux project from digilent as reference. The reference project is in v2017.4 I am trying to implement that in v2019.1. I am able to build the project successfully , However I get the error saying "Failed to enumerate media (-2)" when I try media-ctl -p command . The following is the error seen in the bootlog. [ 0.923845] xilinx-video amba_pl:vcap_mipi: device registered [ 0.928401] xilinx-video amba_pl:video_cap: No Video DMA channel found [ 0.933648] xilinx-video amba_
  5. Hi @shantaramj Can you please confirm if you used the Zybo Z7-20 Pcam petalinux project in v2017.3/4 or upgraded it to v2019.1. I am trying to do the same but validating the vivado design is giving me errors. If you built in v2019.1 can you please let me know how?. Thanks in advance, your time and help is highly appreciated.
  6. Hi everybody , I was able to run the zeboard ocam 5C demo by deigilent , I wish to capture images using silmilar harware setup via petalinux project. I am using design along with the baremetal design as reference. Untill now I am able to successfully obtain the media graph , However both MIPI and demosaic cores are not initialised and I suspect that it could be because the sensor is not active I am unsure of the way to power up PCAM. Below is the corresponding devie tree from the zybo design. I understand that gpio pin in the regula
  7. Hello everybody, I am building a Petalinux v2019.1 project to save images using v4l2 driver. The pipeline is simple which includes Pcam-> MIPI csi2 rx subsystem -> sensor Demosaic -> video frame buffer write When I use v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=widhth=1280,height=720,pixelformat=RGB24 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to = test.raw to save the Image. test.raw file is saved however it is of size zero. When asked on forums it turned out that there is issue with output format. According to Pcam reference manual it supports RAW10, RGB565 , CCIR656, YUV42
  8. Hello everybody, I am trying to write a bare-metal application to stream images on VGA monitor. This is my hardware design. Untill now I am able to configure PCAM (ov5640) camera and stream the data using the bare-meta application and now I would like to do the same for a different camera (ov9281) .I understand that teh registers are to be configured the way shown in the attachment file i2c.h , but I do not know how to do that for ov9281, it is esentially a part of the driver. I have found ov9281's linux kernel driver and I am attaching that too Could anybody help me with tha
  9. Thankyou @rappysaha , I am now trying to do the same :)
  10. Hi, I am building a simple video pipeline using petalinux 2019.1. The following is my design : Camera -> MIPI-CSI-RX-Subysystem -> Demosaic -> Videoframe buffer write -> Video Frame buffer read -> ZYNQ-PS. When the clock frequency for the pipeline is 15MHz it can detect the media device but it fails to save the images and gives broken pipe error please find attached device tree. However when I include the framebuf-rd in the device tree the booting freezes (I have attached the screenshot from the log file when it does freeze) &v_frmbuf_rd_0 {
  11. Hi, I am following the ZedBoard FMC Pcam Adapter One to Four Camera Demo ( and I am able to stream the video of all 4 cameras as of now . Is there a way to save the video that are being streamed or even saving a single frame as image ? I am using Vivado v2019.1 and Xilinx SDK 2019.1 Thank you