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  1. Hello attila, In that case, I need to wait the vi finish recording. Then I can get the measurement results. Is there a method I can get single measurement per time, instead of batch processing? Thanks!
  2. Hello attila, Thanks for your reply. What I need is to retrieve "rgdSamples[N]" in LabVIEW: I tried to implement the LabVIEW code with acqmodeRecord mode, but I cannot get the recorded data out. Could you have a look please? Thanks! Digilent_WaveForms_Stimulus Response (MSO and FGEN)_002 (1).vi
  3. Hi all, I have a question about AD2 immediate sampling data output. I am doing a university project which needs AD2 to do analog signal measurement on LabVIEW. AD2 measures a signal with 12.8 KHz sampling frequency. I am wondering if I can get the immediate measured data without sample lost? Thanks!
  4. Hi attila, So I can't retrieve multiple samples output on Labview like C and Python? In my project, AD2 is used to collect samples of a reference signal for phase locked loop. If it is possible, I hope AD2 can read immediate data output without losing samples. In this case, I can directly do phase locked loop and measurement in real time. Is there a way I can do it? Thanks!
  5. Hello @attila Thanks for your help! When I record the output of 'pdVoltSample', sample lost will happen. The picture is a 1Hz signal I recorded with this program, and the sample lost exceeds 50%. I would like to ask, how I can get the immdiate sample output without sample lost? Thanks! Digilent_WaveForms_Stimulus Response (MSO and FGEN)_010.vi
  6. Hello attila, I added the 2 C functions in the Labview vi, but I cannot read data from FDwfAnalogInStatusSample. Could you take a look please? Thanks! Digilent_WaveForms_Stimulus Response (MSO and FGEN)_001.vi
  7. Hello Attila, Thanks for your information! I am also wondering if immediate sampled data outputs are available in the labview vi?
  8. Hello all! I am doing a university project which needs to use AD2 to do continuous data aquisition on analog signals. I need 12.8 kHz sampling frequency to record about 10 seconds data. This project is implemented on labview. I found the existing libraries ('Digilent WF VIs' and 'AD2 toolkit') seem not having the continuous DAQ feature. I would like to ask, how I can set AD2 to continuous acquisition mode (acqmodeRecord) of in labview. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!