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  1. Hello, i just bought a PmodBt2 ( https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/pmod/pmodbt2/reference-manual?redirect=1 ) the RN42. What i want to do is to use a Zedboard with PmodBT2 to capture all bluetooth packets that are being transmitted nearby and then analyze them using the PL and PS, so far I've managed to make the model in vivado ( thanks to some help from this forum ) but I'm unable to tell is this project is going to work from now on because I can't find a way to configure the module in this manner based on the documentation and reference manuals ( http://ww1.microchip.com/down
  2. I made another project, used the default board that comes with vivado ( not the one from the diligent repo ) with manual constraint flow and i got rid of all errors and everything seems to be working just fine. But with the board flow the picture posted above with 8 critical errors was the best i could get. I can not thank you enough @thinkthinkthink, I've been struggling with this for quite a while. Again thank you and i hope this is what i needed. You really helped me! Best regards!
  3. Thank you, i have done this part with the board flow but if i delete the constraint file and do just the basic board configuration i end up with this errors ( in 2019.1 and 2020.2 ) This picture is for the project where i'm not using the constraint file. On the other project by following your previous advice i get just some critical errors and i don't know if they can be ignored. ( the one with the constraint file added generates the bitstream ) Thank you so much and best regards.
  4. Thank you so much for your response, i did what u suggested but unfortunately the output is the same. Also on top of that i get some errors from the constraints. I don't know what i am doing wrong, i even tried with the hierarchical method ( https://github.com/Digilent/vivado-library/tree/hierarchies/hierarchies ; https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/vivado-hierarchical-blocks/start ) but nothing seems to be working. I also tried the 2019.1 version of vivado but still nothing. Again, thank you so much @thinkthinkthink E
  5. I'm trying to run the PMOD BT2 core on a Zedboard, using vivado 2020.2 ( i have not tried other version to be honest ), later i'd like to use this hardware to work with petalinux and write a driver for the bluetooth module. I've been trying for a week now but i can't figure it out, i've read some related posts but i don't know what to do, please help! https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/18026-pin-assignment-problem-sd-card-pmod/ https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/79-pmodbt2-bluetooth-functionality-implementation Here is the block design ( i have used the dilligent Digilent/vivado-