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  1. Thanks for getting back to Will_SC. I think he was asking why his C++ code was not working. He followed all the SDK API calls that were in your script. Is there some differences that we're missing when using C++?? Could it be the Type Def? Or ... what? We're able to get it working in the Waveforms App. But we want it running in C++ code using the SDK.
  2. Looking for some help. I have an Analog Discovery 2 and trying to create a sonar simulator response echo signal. Let me explain the sequence of what I‘m trying to do. Use the AD2 ch1 analog scope input to receive an external burst (sonar transmission) which the AD2 can trigger on. I’ll call this time “T0” which should be near the rising edge of the first cycle of the sinewave. Once triggered, I want the WG #1 to output a echo burst signal at a DELAYED time from the trigger that occurred on the scope input. This simulated echo pulse sonar transmission can be 10kHz with a pulse lengt
  3. Hi Will, I'm a newbie as well. I joined also today. Hopefully we will get all our questions answered. First I have to learn how to work this Forum.