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  1. Dear, We used the Analog Discovery 2 to measure impedance. We did first tests using the Python API. Now, we would like to integrate the measure directly to a PLC for process automation. Do you propose a OEM version of the module to measure impedance which could be compatible with a PLC ? Otherwise, we found this module: https://www.digikey.fr/fr/product-highlight/d/digilent/pmodia-impedance-analyzer Is it possible to measure impedance at 100 Hz frequencies with that component ? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Tanguy
  2. Dear Attila, thanks for your quick reply. I understand why. So, if we want to do differential measurment, is it better to perform two measures at using a 2 electrodes set-up and substract the results ? Regards, Tanguy
  3. Hello, We are trying to perform differential impedance measurment with the Analog Discovery 2. It works directly from the interface but we didn't find how to select, in the API, the topology for the differential impedance (W1-C1P-DUT-C1N-C2-R-GND). We can only select two topology (0, 1 and 8). Could you help us ? If possible, do you have a code example showing how to work with this differential impedance ? Thanks !
  4. Dear, I am using the analog discovery 2 to detect interface between oil and water. I am using a simple set-up with 2 electrodes. I first used the breadboard to create the measurment circuit with a known resistance. With the electrodes in the oil, I got a nice peak around 60khz To simplify the experimental work and don't bother about the selection of the resistance, I bought the impedance analyzer module. I plugged my electrodes and started again the measurment. I was then very surprised to observe that the peak disappeared... Does anyone could help me to understand why ? Th
  5. Yes ! That's the type of threads I was looking for !! Thanks @JColvin :)
  6. Dear all, I am happy to join the forum. I bought the Analog Discovery 2 to perform liquid interface characterisation using impedance spectroscopy. I hope there are other person active on this topic in the forum to help :) Looking forward to fruitful discussions ! Regards, Tanguy