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  1. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My goal is to receive a trigger on a Analog-In Channel to be followed by a Generated Signal on an Analog Out Channel after a specified time, and this needs to be repeated numerous times. How accurate can this specified time and how consistent can it be? Are there any built in functions that can get this accomplished. I have seen many references to the defined Wait functionality, which can accomplish this expected behavior, however the wait time varies and there is an approximate ~17ms delay. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi @attila, I was able to get the buffer count to 12K. Thank you. 👍 There are a few thing that I am also trying to figure out: My goal is to load a Custom Waveform(WF), have the AD2 push this WF out into one of its Analog IN channels. I am recording the values back into a text file (for analytical purposes). I am observing that the values are never the same, starting values are always different, which has me confused. If the AD2 uses the WF provided why would it change if the source (Custom WF) doesn't change. Is there a way to have the entire Custom Waveform returne
  3. Hi @attila, Thanks for this. I will look into this right away.
  4. Hey Rich, I just posted a basic question concerning the AWG. Hopefully we can get answers soon.
  5. Good Day Techies, Some background information; I am currently using the SDK and I am running various test before I move forward using this AD2 on a major project. For most of the basic things this device works remarkably. Some questions I would love some insight on: a. What is the maximum amount of Sample Points the Analog Discovery 2 can store/output for a Custom AWG? - Using the API call FDwfAnalogOutNodeDataInfo it returns 4096 Samples as the Max Sample Count. b. Is there any way that this can be increased? c. If this can't be increased, is there a work around th
  6. Hi, I am Will and looking forward to learning a lot from you all. Have an awesome day. Equipment: Analog Discovery 2 with Discovery BNC.