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  1. RobA

    Basys3 won't connect

    Well, I have 2 bad old cables. I purchased a new cable today and when I plugged in the BASYS3 I heard a little chime from the computer. Vivado now connects to my BASYS3 board. I just downloaded my first file into the board and it works!!
  2. RobA

    Basys3 won't connect

    Hi, I could use some help. I installed Vivado 2020.2 and followed a video to create a small project. When I opened the hardware manager it was unable to see my new BASYS 3 board. The server was indicated to be running, but it could not find my board. I looked in my computer's device manager (Its Windows 10) under USB serial bus controllers. USB serial converter A and B is not present, there is no change to the list when I turn the board on or off. I tried a second USB micro cable, the red power light is on. The yellow led blinks once when the board is turned on. I put the programming ju
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a blue collar worker that is taking electronics classes at my local community college. Due to covid the college lab is closed. I purchased a BASYS 3 board (thank you for the student discount) and downloaded the Vivado software so I can do the labs. Who knows where it will lead? My first issue is that the Vivado hardware manager doesn't find the Basys3. I'll search and post in the appropriate forum next. Thank you, Rob