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  1. Of course Mr.Dan, but the digital I/F allows select different data-word lengths by register 0x07 D3D2 field WL[1:0] (pp.25). Also monaural input from michrophone is allowed, and the specs are not clear about sampling in this case for ADC routing and results.
  2. I'm looking for more info about data-word length used /transmitted by SSM2603 codec in record or playback mode when I setup input from MIC in which mono mode is used acccording datasheet, then saved data is only a channel data or the same data for both channels? In my case I want to use the codec to sample at 96kHz with MIC input, what kind of data I must obtain if I setup for 16 bits in R7? Thanks in advance.
  3. What about Nexys4 BSP for EDK XPS wizard? I am using Xilinx 14.7 for Embedded Systems with tihis card and i cant find these suppor t files to use in wizard like other boards. Thanks in advance