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  1. Yes, but there is a bug ? The possibility of script selection not work ? For my application is better to have a single configuration with different scripts. Sergio.
  2. Hi Attila, very good. Now it'work. I have an other question : If I have 1 script, from windows command line I can run script by command : "WaveForm.exe myconf.dwf3work -runscript" . How I read in help documentation, If I have 2 script , I use this commands : "WaveForm.exe myconf.dwf3work -script scriptname1" and "WaveForm.exe myconf.dwf3work -script scriptname2" but the script that run is the last script saved in the last configuration and not "scriptname1" or "scriptname2". Can you help me ? Sergio.
  3. Hi, I have test better, the script work only if I am running "Voltmeter" otherwise read the last value read and it not update the value. How can I update the read value by script ? Sergio
  4. big Attila, thank you, the problem is solved.
  5. Hi , have you a complete example Voltmeter script ? I have window Voltmeter that works well in run mode and it read 3.4 Volt. I need a script that read the voltage value. I run this if(!('Voltmeter' in this)) throw "Please open a Voltmeter"; var vPtt = 0; var media = 0; for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++){ vPtt1 = Voltmeter.Input.Channel1.DC.value; media = media + vPtt; wait(0.1); print("vPtt: "+vPtt+" V"); } media = media / 10; var f = File("data.txt"); f.write(media+" voltPtt"); the value vPtt is always 0 , why ?
  6. Hi Attila, you have inverted my problem : I have a Visual Basic application that do many functions, one of this is THD measure . It isn't possible through 'waveforms SDK' , it is possible through the 'Digilent' application, through 'Digilent' script. I have tested this and it work well. My question is : is it possible lunch 'Digilent' in background mode (or hidden mode) ? You have answer NO. Have you an other solution for my problem ? By Sergio.
  7. Yes, but 'THD' measure is possible only with 'spectrum measure' graphical application, in SDK interface there isn't 'THD' measure. I think that I need long time to develop a algorithm to obtain 'THD' measure from a samples sequence !! An other possibility is that 'Digilent' send me his 'THD' source code function. By Sergio.
  8. Hi Attila, OK , now I understand: If I must run 2 script in 2 different times, I must save 2 workspace with one script for every workspace and I run the 2 script in this way: script1 : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveForms3\WaveForms.exe" "C:\Users\T0102950\workspace1.dwf3work -runscript script2 : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveForms3\WaveForms.exe" "C:\Users\T0102950\workspace2.dwf3work -runscript I hop that this help other users !! For exchange data from script and visual basic I use a file, the script can write a file with these commands
  9. Hi Attila, I have "readCurrent" script, with 'cmd' command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveForms3\WaveForms.exe" "C:\Users\T0102950\default.dwf3work -readCurrent The "Waveforms" program start, the workspace start with all function that I want, but the script "readCurrent" not start . Questions: what is the correct command to start script ? can I run the application in background mode ? have you an example for exchange data from a script and an application visual basic program ? This is my
  10. Hi Attila, the command : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveForms3>WaveForms.exe "C:/MyWorkSpace.dwf3work" - runscript" run the application with last configuration but it not run the script what is the correct syntax of "cmd" command ? how can I close Waveforms application at end of measure (by cmd command) ? Sergio
  11. Hi, The THD measure is part of spectrum analyzer feature. It work with "WaveForms" window program. With my visualBasic application I call some function of WaveForms SDK for sine signal generation. Is it possible THD function work with WaveForms SDK ? Have you an example ? If no, Is it possible write a VisualBasic program that run "WaveForms" window program, generate a sine, measure THD and capture the result ? Have you an example ? By, Sergio.