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  1. Hi @cwatt While I am not the authority on this, I also had a similar problem on my Ubuntu Linux machine (same error on my AD2). I changed my USB cable to an Amazon Basic USB cable but alas, the error still came back (but was less frequent). I finally replaced my cheap USB hub with this one [1] and the problem never occurred again. My guess (and maybe a EE can better comment) is that this error has something to do with the "quality" of the USB signal going into the device. [1]:
  2. Inside Typo: "DwfDeviceReset" should be "FDwfDeviceReset" "Desacription" should be "Description" (near FDwfAnalogInStatusRecord) The following functions exists in dwf.h but are missing documentation inside Inside Specifically missing Docs for: FDwfParamGet FDwfDeviceEnableSet FDwfAnalogInTriggerForce FDwfAnalogInStatusNoise2 FDwfAnalogInStatusTime FDwfAnalogInNoiseSizeSet FDwfAnalogInChannelBandwidthSet FDwfAnalogInChannelBandwidthGet FDwfAnalogInCha
  3. Hi Digilent, I installed the latest Waveforms on my Ubuntu Linux 20.04 computer. Inside /usr/include/digilent/waveforms/dwf.h I see ... typedef int DWFERC; const DWFERC dwfercInvalidParameter0 = 0x10; // Invalid parameter sent in API call const DWFERC dwfercInvalidParameter1 = 0x11; // Invalid parameter sent in API call const DWFERC dwfercInvalidParameter2 = 0x12; // Invalid parameter sent in API call const DWFERC dwfercInvalidParameter3 = 0x13; // Invalid parameter sent in API call const DWFERC dwfercInvalidParameter4 = 0x14; // Invalid parameter sent in API call
  4. Hey everyone. Senior Software Engineer and C/C++ programmer. I've been a long time user of the Analog Discovery 2 and now the Analog Discovery Pro. Can't wait to help the community. Charles