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  1. Moris

    ADC Configuration

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Actually, the DAQ system is for the Engine and I just have to take the basic sensors output and display their values on LabView. I chosen AD7616 because of it's some characteristics. You're right as I'm not experienced in ADCs I don't understand the datasheet much. That's why I posted here. Can you please mention me or send the link of post where you commented about the use of AD7606, may be after reading those I'll get some idea. Thank you again.
  2. Moris

    ADC Configuration

    Hello guys, Am a newbie here, I'm designing a DAQ system using AD7616 ADC and Zynq7000 FPGA chip. I have tried to figure out how to start with the programming of ADC, am sorry to say that it is really difficult to me. I'm thinking the most important part is to program the ADC to read analog data from sensors and to transfer that to FPGA. Not Sure if anyone have any ADC example project code that i can take reference to? Is there any document available in which complete detail of ADC(I know the basic theory of the ADC) is available like which parameters of the ADC are