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  1. Marshall Thank you for the help. That would explain the corrupt data when I tried data logging. It corrupted the whole directory. Luc
  2. Hi, Well, I was able to get it to connect with my hub, but the web page is all garbled. it is exactly the same page from the WF32 which works fine. Progress. Luc
  3. Hi, No, this new build you suggested does not read the microSD card, but it seams to compile better on the Wifi end of it. I found the Arduino 1.6.5 with the ChipKIT core works the best but not properly with the Wi-Fire board. the WF32 works well with all compilers. Woops Spoke too soon, I downloaded the wrong build. Now the microSD card works, Just cant connect to the network, It finds it but wont connect?? Thanks Luc
  4. Hi, I liked my WF32 so much i bought a uC32 and a Wi-Fire. Had a little issue with the uC32 board but got that resolved in an other post. Now the Wi-Fire will not read the SD Card but the WF32 can. The wi-Fire can connect to the network but cannot display a server page as it fails to initialize or read the SD card. I have been looking all over the forums for info but cannot find any info i understan about the Wi-Fire and SD card. Is there a simple way to test to see if my problem is software or hardware. I was using the deWebIOServer packare I found with an WF32 instructable. This works well
  5. Hi, So, I was poking around the ChipKIT forum looking for anything of interest and found one person who could not upload his sketches to his ChipKIT uC32 using Ubuntu, <<Coincidence, I think not>>. so it ships with the wrong bootloader "Great". but if you look at the Diligent website, at the bottom of the ChipKIT uC32 page, there is sketch for that. so I downloaded it and ran it of course using the serial monitor to fallow the prompts and 'presto' in seconds a new bootloader is born. and now it works with Arduino IDE and MPIDE. Luc
  6. Hi, I was wondering, Since Arduino IDE 1.6.5 with chipkit-core-windows.16778039.v1.0.0-27-gdfa0309 cannot erase the memory of the ChipKit uC32 but the MPIDE can. Is there a way to extract the bootloader version from the ChipKIT? I mean any ChipKIT since I have three flavors in front of me? I do not have a programmer thought. Luc
  7. Some update on the Arduino IDE for ChipKit. It works well with my simple test on the ChipKits WF32 and Wi-Fire, but get a "cannot erase chip error" when trying to program the ChipKit uC32. the MPIDE has no such issue. Luc
  8. Hi, Somebody sent me an instructable on using the ChipKit with the Arduino compiler. the trick is to use Arduino 1.6.5. not 1.6.6 compiler and it seams to work. Luc
  9. Hi, I copied the files over and it compiles. Luc
  10. Thank you. Yes, I see. That is where the file I was looking for is. now lets hope I can get visual studio to find it. Luc
  11. Hi, I am using a ChipKit WF32. Works great with the MPIDE. but when I try to compile with the Arduino ad in for Visual Studio, which I have configured to use MPIDE core. I keep getting this error: ld.exe:cannot open linker script file C:\Program Files (x86)\mpide-0150\hardware\pic32\cores\pic32\chipKIT-application-32MX695F512.ld: Invalid argument. When I look at this directory, this is a partial listing: 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 75 Arduino.h 2015-10-31 03:59 PM <DIR> avr 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 10,894 binary.h 2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,097 chipKIT-application-32MX120F032-nobootloader.ld 2015-10-31 03
  12. Thank you. I was able to change all the font size so I can now read everything. On the second part of your replay you mentioned that they may be switching to Adruino. so I downloaded and installed all that. I found my board the ChipKit WF32 no problem. when I try to compile the Blink example in Arduino, I get a compile error, but further up the compile output it cannot find the OneWire library. I will look into this later. My PMIDE works well thank you.
  13. Hi, I just got my ChipKit WF32. Installed MPIDE and found that on a high density monitor with the pixels so high the human eye can't see. well the problem is I cant the message in the bottom black area. the text is so small. I was able to et the font to 24 pitch to see my code. so I brought my code to UEIDE and was able to read the tiny error code. so I installed Adruino for Visual Studio only to find that it uses MPIDE (which is good) but there is no something file for my particular PIC32 chip. so back to MPIDE. my desktop is set to zoom about 150. the majority of the software support this de