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    Moving to Linux

    Thank you jamey.hicks, Being an open source enthusiast I've never considered VMWare. Now I can connect my JTAG-HS3 to ISE on a W7 VM ! This is a big advancement. Thank you so much! Thank you sam60, I'll wont give up. What programmer/download cable did you use? Best regards.
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    Moving to Linux

    Hi all, i'm moving my development environment to Ubuntu. Last things I'm struggling with are Xilinx WebISE and the JTAG-HS3 programmer. All worked fine under W7pro. But WebISE performs traumatically on Ubuntu. WebISE was designed to run on RedHat and SUSE but it runs there far from flawless. So I put up a W7 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu and got WebISE running fine again. But when forwarding the JTAG-HS3 to the VM, the VM got killed immediately. I can live with this situation if I knew how to operate JTAG-HS3 on Linux, to upload a bitstream to my FPGA. So my questions boil down to: Where can I find a user manual about how to use the Adept software for Linux. I haven't found it on the Digilent website?Does anyone know how to stop VirtualBox VM's crashing when connected to a JTAG-HS3 programmer? Thanks in advance