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  1. I'm using the Pmod MTDS Display with a UC32. My application is to press a button and hold the button down for an extended time to increment a counter. I have several buttons on one page so I need the button ID to determine which button is pressed. I get the ID when I lift my finger off the screen using function:"mydisp.getButton" . I would like to get the ID when I press a button to determine the next step. How can I change this? Is there an application like this that you can share with me? Thanks Tech110
  2. Hello J.Colvin, Thank you for the update. Please send me the bootloader source code or link to the code for this uC32 board. Thanks Tech110
  3. Hello The problem I am experiencing is loading the chipKIT-uC32-v01000303.hex bootloader into a uc32 board and the Arduino 1.8.15 will not communicate to the board. I compared the downloaded HEX file with a brand new uc32 board using the MPLAB x IDE V5.45 verification tool. The two codes do not match. Is there an update to the bootloader?
  4. Can the USB Logic Analyzer software store signal data to a pc file every 50ms or less?
  5. Hello J. Colvin The bootloader is correct. I checked the baud rate for the Arduino software and it is set to 115200 on Com3. I put a scope probe on R1 and R2. I see a signal on R1 Tx(pin30) to U1Rx but no return signal on R2 U1TX to Rx(pin2). Thanks Tech110
  6. Lost the initial code on uC32 board. Reprogrammed the board with the boot-loaded (ChipKit32-V01000303.hex) using the MPLAB IPE and Kit3 pod. Powered up the uC32 board and LED LD4 flashed 6 time fast and then every second. The PC USB com3 came up n the control panel and changed the board rate to 115200, 8-bits, and no parity in the control panel com3 properties. Tried to load a Arduino project and I get the error "Can't open input or output data stream" , "Time out waiting for serial response". "This doesn't look like a bootloader". What steps have I missed to get the Arduino program to load?
  7. Hello JColvin, I'm looking for the "chipkit basic I/O shield libraries". I'm using Digilent uC32 board which is compatible with Arduino IDE. In order for the Arduino IDE to recognize the uC32 board it needs the basic I/O shield library's. The instructions I am using gives me a link to Digilent web site but I get an 'error 404' not found. I did a search on Digilent site but no luck find the proper libraries. Please provide me a link to download the I/O shield libraries for the uC32 board. This is the link to the instructions I'm using to get the uC32 up and running. https://chip
  8. I purchased the uC32 Arduino board (PIC32MX340F512H) board. I'm looking for example main() entry and configuration code to get started. I have installed MPLAB-IDE and getting failure with the tools. If you have any examples It would be a great help. Thanks