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  1. I was just trying to use the library for my MX3 board just to test things out and LD0 is constantly lit up but LD1 and LD4 will not light up at all. I was using the code: LEDS_LedxSetValue(val) in my main(). I think there is something wrong with my board.
  2. Hi Digilent, I was impressed with the customer service last time I posted on here. I have a project where I want to attach a load cell to my BASYS MX3 board. The peripheral I was interested purchasing is labeled as an Arduino product but most of the same things are on the board. This is the product I am interested buying:
  3. Hi Mr. Colvin, I will check out your link to see if I can get it working on the dell. It will probably be thursday. My ryzen is not having an issue and I have PuTTY up and running on there. Thank you for giving your time to respond! Thanks, -Adam
  4. I need to connect this board with a program called "PuTTY". When I go into device manager and look near (COM & LPT) I expect to see the MX3 UART. Instead it I see "Basys MX3 UART" in other devices with a warning symbol. It says "There are no compatible drivers for this device." I have been swapping out known good USB-b cables. I have found no helpful pre-existing posts on this forum. I have to use this board for my class and this is extremely frustrating. My instructor told me: "you could always search online for a USB to serial port driver, such as the one shown in