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  1. Peddro

    Nexys3 - MAC address

    I do thank you both mwingerson and sbobrowicz for your worthwhile answers. Now I know how to find out the MAC address and the basic principles of networking on FPGA, but I also realized that this is really not for beginners as I am. I will have to acquire much more experience to be able to design networking, so I will postpone my current project and will train on easier tasks.
  2. Peddro

    Nexys3 - MAC address

    Hi guys, does anybody know, how Ethernet on Nexys3 board works? I have read that I can create an ethernet MAC controller via IP core generator in ISEwebpack, but how do I find out the 48bit MAC address of the controller? MAC address is unique and should be assigned by manufacturer, so I think, that it should be hard coded somehow in the board. I apologize for this likely stupid question but I am a beginner in FPGA programming and don't have much experience in this field. Thank you for your answers.