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  1. Hello All, In the DMA interrupt examples (Xilinx has one that I'm using), the DMA transfer interrupts, and inside the interrupt routine, the processor calls [for example] the "XAxiCdma_SimpleTransfer" function to transfer the data from source (some memory in the PL) to destination (the PS memory). --> I'm looking for a way that the DMA transfer happens automatically, BEFORE the interrupt is called. That is, when the processor interrupt is triggered, the values have already been transferred from PL to the PS side. This would reduce processor wait time, so that the PS doesn't nee
  2. Greetings Zygot, Thank you for your help! Indeed, this is a beginners question, and I have followed your advice regarding how to sense the negative edge of the "BUSY" input: [pseudo code here]: if ( (BUSY == 0) and (BUSY_LAST == 1) ) then "The ADC is no longer busy, so commence the state machine to read the results" ...Read the ADC inputs blah blah blah... (and finally): BUSY_LAST = BUSY //Remember the current BUSY value for next loop iteration