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  1. 4 hours ago, JColvin said:

    Hi @fatemeh,

    I don't know what board you are using, though Digilent doesn't have a lot of advice regarding the two Xilinx IPs you mentioned despite this. There are some threads on our forum, link1, link2, link3, that may be helpful to you though.


    Thank you for your answer, 

    I use the MicroTCA sis8300 board.

  2. Please help me, I am a little confuse to configure the IP cores.

    is s_axis_data_tdata in FFT ip core, the sin signal that is converted to the digital value with ADC?

    the output data of the FFT includes the real and image values. is the output data the frequency or phase?

    if I use DDS after FFT to generate the cos signal, can I connect the output data of FFT (m_axis_data_tdata) to s_axis_phase_tdata in DDS?


  3. Hello,

    I have a sin signal that is measured with accelerometer, after converting to digital value, it will transfer to FFT IP core for detecting the frequency. this frequency should enter to another block to generate sin and cos signal with unit amplitude. I think the DDS Ip core can receive the phase and generate the sinusoidal signal. is it right? but I have a frequency, how I can convert to phase?

    Please let me know how can I configure FFT and DDS? is there any special configuration that I should attention on it.

    in my opinion, I can't use the cordic, because the input signal of the cordic is phase (not frequency).

    Thank you in advance for your time.