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  1. Hallo I am implementing an application to continuously streaming samples from the Digilent2 oscilloscope to the hard drive. I have missing samples at each buffer read. See image in the attachment. Buffer size is 4000. In the Wavefrom SDK the needed mode is working fine. My signal has max. Frequency of 1200Hz. Therefore, a sample rate of 12k/s would be sufficient. Can you please give some hints, how to configure this use case? dwf.FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet(hdwf, c_double(int(config["buffer"]["sample rate"]))) dwf.FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet(hdwf, c_double(int(config["bu
  2. Hi Thanks a lot for your fast answer. The Problem is solved. I post the working code as an example. One thing for understanding. What is the parammeter "node" used for. I did missunderstand that as ch1 and ch2. In the SDK Refrence Manual is no explanation for that.
  3. I want to output a stereo Signal on wavegen. W1 is working as expected but W2 gives no Signal on oscilloscope. The hardware is tested with Waveform tool and it is fine. I can output two different custom signals on W1 and W2. The SDK is up to date. I assume to have a fault in initialisation of the channels. See the code is in the attachment. The problem is in play_Digilent() method. A working example to output a custom signal on both channels would be very helpful.