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  1. I've now managed to access all of the data samples captured. To access all the captured samples: An array of the same size as the number of samples has to be passed into the 'rgData' input parameter of DigitalInStatusData. In this case I have initialised an array of zeros, which is the same size as the number of samples. Also, a numeric of the same value as the number of samples must be passed into 'countOfDataBytes'.
  2. Hi @attila, any help you can provide will be much appreciated. Really struggling to get more than one sample.
  3. Hi @attila many thanks for your response. I have changed the data type to array, but unfortunately I'm still unable to access more than one sample. The size of the array passed out of the DigitalInStatusData function, corresponds to the size of the array fed to the input parameter 'rgData', rather than the number of samples acquired (as indicated by SampleValid). The 1st sample in the array is valid (the same as before, when the data type was a Numeric and not an array). All other samples in the array are just a copy of whatever is fed into the input parameter 'rgData'. The 'Functio
  4. Screenshots... Digital In Configure and Run Front Panel Digital In Configure and Run Block Diagram
  5. Resurrecting an old thread, but I am struggling to access captured data from the Digilent Digital Discovery Device. I have setup up the DigitalIn functions to capture data following a trigger event. The trigger is successfully activated as the DigitalInStatus function reports a triggered event, and the LED2 led illuminates when the appropriate condition is met (rising edge on DIN0). The DigitalInStatusSampleValid reports the same number of valid samples as was requested, so it seems as though the data is being captured ok. However, where my problem lies is in actually obtaining the data