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  1. Thanks for the reply, hmm I have double and triple checked the wiring, there is no issue there as far I can tell. Since it asks me which wire is connected where, e.g the purple D2 is connected to the chip select, it should show the chip select right? It's just odd how it's showing me the clock there in the view. Like even if I unplug the purple wire (D2, which is supposed to be the chip select), I still see the clock moving in the view on D2. I can't tell if it's a software problem or maybe even my analog discovery 2 is broken.
  2. So I am confused what is going on, I am using a stm nucleo g070rb and a w25q128fv eeprom from Winbond. I can communicate alright through the stm32. I have double checked the wiring for the analog discovery 2. I am getting what appears to be the clock on the chip select line, and other weirdness. If I disconnect the purple wire(D2) which is the CS from the analog discovery 2, the value does not change, I still see the clock on the select in the view. For the program I am just doing: HAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOA, GPIO_PIN_8, GPIO_PIN_SET); HAL_Delay(10)