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  1. Hi JColvin, thanks so much for your datasheets, was really a good link, which was just I was looking for. Sorry for the delayed response as I was out of office. I did not dive deep, but my first impression also is that JTAG operations are not possible. However it might be possible to do software update/ reprogramming of the target flash (DUT) wireless using the communication channels UART/SPI. Is my understanding correct? The idea is to fulfil atleast reprogramming of a sealed sensor-> Wifi->ESP-WROOM-32->SPI/UART-> SYNOPSYS BASED MICROCONTROLLER. If this could
  2. Hello, Just a basic question about Pmod ESP32 has debugging and flashing support for Synopsys ARC EM4 and EM6 cores ? Is access of the cores via JTAG possible? Many thanks in advance! Regards Dhanuraj Pillai
  3. ... may be I can add a few more details. I use the Metaware IDE on Windows 10 and the above errors seems to happen after a stall in the JTAG connection. What could be the cause? What am I missing ? [JTAG] JTAG remains stalled after 10 attempts; attempted operation was write_register. [JTAG] (JTAG status register is 0x1 = :stalled.) [JTAG] Write of aux register 0x5 failed. [JTAG] Last JTAG status register = 0x1 = :stalled. [JTAG] JTAG remains stalled after 10 attempts; attempted operation was read_register. [JTAG] (JTAG status register is 0x1 = :stalled.) [JTAG
  4. Hello, I am having Digilent JTAG Cable which is connected to a custom made SoC from our supplier, which has arc EM4, EM6 and EV62 cores. The JTAG cable has the following specifications: On connecting to the Metaware IDE and to the target it gives the following DPC error (see log below): Could you please help me out here , what the issue is ? Thanks so much in advance! ------------------------------------------ [DIGILENT] DPC error returned 4 is unknown. [DIGILENT] transmit (DpcPutTmsTdiBits): xmit failed of 32 bits [DIGILENT] DPC error ret