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  1. I looked into the XEM-7320 from Opal Kelly. It is interesting, but I found almost no real documentation. All that I could find is pinouts, PCB design files and a link to their FrontPanel SDK for communication between the board and the host PC. There wasn't even an example of wiring up a single switch, LED and NOT gate to flash an LED. No mention of Xilinx Vivado, board support files or getting started. I did notice that they generously offer paid tech support. Am I missing something or are there no real examples and documentation provided?
  2. Thanks, that is an interesting option. However, I don't see any external reference clock inputs. It just mentions a 200 MHz on board oscillator.
  3. Thanks, I looked at the Terasic options, and they are pretty old (circa 2008), but they do offer everything I need in hardware. Lots of clock inputs and outputs for FPGA, ADC and DAC. The problem is that I need a dev board and card combination with some basic documentation and examples for getting started with FPGA signal processing. For instance, a simple ADC --> FIR --> DAC "hello world" example would at least get me rolling. In my observation, FPGA development tools and documentation is like CPUs back in the 1980s. Try coding up a signal processing routine for an Intel 80286 by readin
  4. I need to develop an RF DSP application for the Eclypse Z7 that will make use of the ADC and DAC Zmods for the board. However, because timing jitter is extremely significant, I need to have the Zynq-7000 (including the ADC and DAC Zmods) entirely clocked via an external reference (a special low phase-noise TXCO). Is this possible, perhaps with some careful soldering? Which input pins would I use? I am a beginner, so what changes would I need to make in the project to support this external clocking?
  5. I am not familiar with FPGA SoC development. I need to develop a real-time RF signal processor that takes in two RF signals (I and Q), does some processing, and outputs another RF signal via a DAC. It seems the Eclypse Z7 with ADC and DAC Zmods could be ideal for my purpose. However, I do not need the integrated ARM processor. In fact, I do not want the ARM processor involved at all because my application requires very precise timing. Is it possible to use the Zynq-7000 in the Eclypse Z7 without the processor in the loop, whatsoever, just like an Artix-7? I can't afford any bottlenecks or