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  1. Hi! I'm using the EE Board for some circuit applications but using the AWG it gives the waveform with 150 mV of offset so I think I may need to calibrate the device. I have been basing the calibration from this instructables page (, but in it there is no mention of the components that says the calibration window of the EE Board (I attach the image) Is there any other tutorial to calibrate the EE Board using the components that says the calibration window? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I´m getting starter with this all-in-one protoboard, but in the User's Manual it doesn't say the voltage and current limits for each instruments, only for some of them. I was wandering if there is another manual where it says these specifications, because I don't want to damage the instrument's device. Thanks in advanced!
  3. It is possible to measure current within the Electronics Explorer? Like the voltmeters that already are embebed, but for current.