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  1. thanks always for the reply I found that the problem was due to an error in the xilinx library 'lwip211_v1_3', in fact I redid the project with the version of vivado 2016.4 and there, having an older version of the library works.
  2. hello, i'm trying to test the ethernet port of my genesys 2 board using the demo 'IwIp Echo Server', as shown in the tutorial: 'https: // ' but i can't get it to work. i'm experiencing some anomalies. first of all after connecting the board to the pc the led 'Link' doesn't stay on but it blinks, and then vitis gives me some warnings for the microblaze that i don't know if i can ignore. the only thing different from the tutorial i did was to add a clock and move the addresses of
  3. I finally managed to solve it, I had to manually move the registers of the axi ethernet block. anyway i also tried to use their version of vivado, but the card files they use are not found. anyway i thank you for your availability
  4. I thought it wasn't that complex since looking at the Genesys 2 board tutorial : they follow the same steps as I do.
  5. here are the times of the board i see that it has a problem in the delays. i tried of course to follow the tutorial of the board but it's not possible to follow them, since with the new files of the board they changed the ui_clk, and even changing the ui_clk the problems remain. by now i've tried more than 30 different configurations and none of them works. is it possible that it's so complicated to make a simple block diagram with a DDR3 memory and an ethernet port? it would be enough for me just one working configuration.
  6. Hi, i am in possession of a digilent genesys 2 board and i am experiencing a big problem on the use of DDR3 SDRAM memory and ethernet port in vivado 2019.2. every time i try to insert in the block diagram the DDR3 SDRAM memory and the ethernet port, even if i can generate the bitstream without errors or critical warnings taking it to vitis and programming the board (even with a simple hello word program to print on the uart port) it doesn't work and doesn't give any sign of working. if i remove the ethernet or the sdram ddr3 everything works. i've been trying for a month and i have no res